So, Monday, November 12, 2007, marked a couple of significant firsts for me: first concert since Camille’s birth, first concert with my sister, Olivia, first long solo trip for me, first Tori concert in the new millennium. Maybe I’m reaching there, but you get the idea. I was freakin’ psyched for this show.

Olivia’s awesome housemate and friend, BJ, helped organize the trip and treated tickets for me, Olivia and Jerome. Orchestra, row J, people. I could have thrown marshmallows at sweet Tori if I wanted to!

And then venue – best sound I’ve ever heard for a live band. BJ described hearing a concert there as not just hearing it from the source on stage, but feeling the sound surround you. And it was just like that. I called Pete during two songs, and during “Cooling”, he said he got chillbumps. It was really that good.

One of the most fun parts of the evening was after the concert. After spending an hour in the parking garage (we’re guessing because of some confusion with the system for paying to leave), we drove by Tori’s tour bus. A nice crowd was there, so we stopped and waited. And waited. And waited. Slowly Tori’s crew trickled out, and finally, an hour or two after the end of the concert, the goddess herself made her way out. She waved and smiled and called, “I love you”‘s back to us, but did not stop. She tucked herself into her tour bus. And then we waited some more. Finally the tour bus took off, and we waved goodbye. Sure, it was a thrill to see her, but secretly, I had the most fun just chatting and laughing with Olivia, BJ and Jerome.

Full song list, clips, photos and concert accounts at the amazing


In two days, I drive up to see Olivia, and we’ll be going to see Tori Amos together in Nashville on Monday. All craziness and her tendency to look like she’s fellating microphones and whatnot aside, I think she’s an incredible musical craftsperson; she’s amazing live (as seen below in the clip of her singing “Real Men”; and the fact that she has legions of (obsessively) devoted fans without having had one hit is pretty impressive.

YouTube – Tori Amos – Real Men Live

It’s official: I’m going!

First concert attendance with my sister (words cannot express how excited I am), third Tori concert, first Tori concert in over 10 years, first long solo road trip.

Two things you can count on with a Tori Amos concert: excellent live performance and absolute, personal, wild weirdness (which of the Posse will open the concert??).