I have just finished this particular Sandman comic, and while I wasn’t bothered by the supposedly low quality of the graphics, I can see the amazing difference that good pencilling and coloring make.

What I’m really loving is the experience of reading the Sandman stuff. I mean, it’s not just words, like in a book, and it’s not just images, like in a movie, and the images don’t flow, like in a movie. Images overlap, stack, fade in and out, are arranged unexpectedly. It’s such an amazing way to get into this story, and I can’t imagine this particular mythos and tale being told any other way. There’s the occasional rumor that a movie will get made from this work, but I just don’t think it would hold up or be the same.


Cinematical Seven: The Horror of Fairy Tales – Cinematical

I distinctly remember riding the bus to school on cold mornings like this one reading these and other fairy tales in all their bloody, passionate magnificence. They were shocking and wonderful and a sort of naughty escape for my 14-year-old self from the small, conservative town I grew up in.

I still love fairy tales.

Bonus: Listen to Neil Gaiman’s retelling of Snow White from the “wicked” witch, “Snow Glass Apples.”

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